We are the town cemetery where generations of Danvers inhabitants have chosen to spend eternal life. Located in the heart of Danvers, Walnut Grove provides the ideal location for local families to visit and remember their loved ones. The peaceful, beautiful and historic grounds have served as a sanctuary in which to honor the memories of the departed since 1843.

Walnut Grove is a non-denominational cemetery where all are welcome. And, space is plentiful for both interment and cremation options. In addition to thousands of available ground burial plots, the cemetery has a Columbarium garden which offers 96 niches, each accommodating 2 urns. (see photo below).The garden provides a quiet spot to reflect and remember. As there are a limited number of niches, this is an opportune time to pre-plan and ensure a space in the columbarium. Our traditional burial and cremation spaces are competitively priced, and the cemetery has well-established relationships with area funeral homes.

Although steeped in history and tradition, Walnut Grove is governed by a Board of Trustees with deep roots in the community who are committed to maintaining its heritage and integrity for many generations into the future. Sound financial management ensures the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of this beautiful cemetery for years to come.

Walnut Grove Section MapWalnut Grove Cemetery Columbarium