In May of 1843, Henry Fowler called upon the citizenry of Danvers to establish a new cemetery in what was then called North Danvers. The initial 14 acres of land was purchased from Judge Samuel Putnam of Danvers. By October 1843, the first Board of Trustees was formed and the cemetery was incorporated. It was initially named Sylvan Rest, but on June 15, 1844, it was renamed Walnut Grove Cemetery. On June 22, 1844, more than 2,000 townspeople of Danvers gathered to observe the consecration of Walnut Grove as a cemetery. A month later, the first burial took place. Since that time, thousands of local residents have chosen Walnut Grove as their final resting place because of its natural beauty, its prominence in Danvers, and its place in history. Among the many veterans and significant townspeople interred here are heroes of the Revolutionary War, Civil War and even a Medal of Honor recipient.