We are here to guide you whether you have an immediate need or you want to make arrangements for yourself and/or your family in advance. Walnut Grove’s beautiful grounds offer a wide selection of locations and views, with plenty of space for individuals or multiple lots for families.

Each Traditional Burial Lot accommodates 1 casket and up to 4 urns.

In addition to traditional burial lots, Walnut Grove also has a designated area for cremation lots as well as the option to choose a final resting place in a niche within a columbarium.

Our burial lot price includes perpetual care and the assurance that Walnut Grove will provide a serene, beautiful place of eternal rest for your loved one and a welcoming location for family and friends to visit.

Pricing and Payment

Full Burial Lots $1,200.00

When paid in full up front, you will receive the signed and notarized deed within two weeks. If you choose our installment plan, you will make 12 monthly payments of 1/12 of the cost per month. If total amount is not paid in 12 months, the sale will be considered cancelled and any monies paid will be returned without interest.

All major credit cards are accepted.