Discussing one’s own mortality is an uneasy subject, but it is as necessary a step in planning your future as any of the Adult Decisions needed to get your affairs in order. Pre-planning your burial arrangements is one of the most practical and thoughtful decisions you can make for your family. Enjoy these benefits of pre-planning:

  • Relieve family members of the burden of making decisions at a difficult time. Pre-planning allows loved ones to focus on their grief rather than dealing with a myriad of last-minute details under pressure.
  • Avoid disputes amongst family members who may have different conceptions of your wishes, causing disputes and hard feelings at an emotionally charged time. With pre-planning, your final wishes will be spelled out, and loved ones will not have to guess about your preferences.
  • Purchasing your burial plot or niche now locks in today’s rates and protects your family from future increases. Pre-purchasing also conserves family finances by exempting assets and preventing financial hardship in the future.
  • Give yourself peace of mind knowing you have reduced stress on your family, relieved them of financial burden, and ensured that your personal preferences on burial and memorialization will be carried out.

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